Friday, November 19, 2010


Sorry for disappearing just too long. All the things happened lately in my life just make me realize that too many things i've wasted. I've lost too much time. An useful one. I'm being such annoying and useless creature at the same time. What a perfection. Hope it won't happen to you.. Wishing you surrounded by such glory and victory, dear pals. Sorry once again i can't stay any longer. Will looking forward to update this blog real soon. :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

As Bright As The Sun

Weekend and still got tons of tasks to do. Getting mad? Of course not! Honestly, i'm now trying to enjoy every single moment in my life. Postpone to complain (yes, still can't erase the word 'complain' from my dictionary, it's natural so i choose to postpone it) because i remember there are so many people who aren't as lucky as i am. Well, well, how's your days so far on November, pals? Mine was fluctuating. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Cliche. But instead of being gloomy, i choose some bright colors outfit to brighten up my day. Just like the photo on this post. Worn yellow outfit for a class, mixed it up with scarf in order to make it not so plain. I just so in the mood for some bright colors now. :)

Anyway, as i mention before on my last post, several area of Indonesia is now suffering because of some natural disasters. Mount Merapi (mountain area in Jogjakarta approx 3 hours from Semarang) still erupting the volcano sometimes and it causing severely damaged to the area around the mount and claimed many victims. My prayer goes to all of you who currently near Merapi. Be strong! Because rainbow would be appear even after the heaviest rain.. :)

Last but not least, I'm still hoping this November will be delightful. Decorated by tons of joy, stack of pleasure, bunch of laughter and massive success! Please God, end this tears soon.. :')

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