Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Cool To Ignore.

Familiar with logo above? If the answer is yes, then i guarantee you're the chosen one. If not, well it's indeed my job to introduce you about that thing to make it clear. The logo above is logo of Go Sip Terrace Cafe. It's a brand new place for hangout in town, located at Ngesrep Timur V/26 Semarang. Go Sip Terrace Cafe offers many affordable and delicious menu with cozy ambience of its place. One stop entertainment and a full package of cafe. That's how i describe it. With friendly service from their baristas, you can also enjoy their free hotspot. And if you need comfy place to watch your favorite football team match, you simply can go there.

Go Sip Terrace Cafe served lots of beverages which chocolate-based, coffee-based, tea-based, shakes, squash, etc. Not only that, but Go Sip Terrace Cafe also provide so many delicious meal such as Spaghetti Spicy Cream, Cheesy Frenchghetti, French Toast in many flavors, Fried Rice, and many more. So far, i like spicy cream spaghetti and ice choco mint better than other menu. Yet the rest of menu are also recommended too! One thing for sure, the price of their menus are really really affordable for students, even sometimes i think the price is too cheap for me. Hahaha. I just love to spend my time here, chasing the deadline and doing the assignments, or just sitting and having a nice chit-chat with bunch of friends while sipping a glass of fresh and sweet ice choco mint. By the way, you can check some of their favorite menus below.

Honeymoon Squash, only 9000 IDR

Strawberry Squash, only 7000 IDR

Cappuccino Frappe, 8000 IDR

Milk Peppermint with Vanilla Ice Cream, 9000 IDR

Tutti Frutti Squash, 9000 IDR

I bet most of you feel a bit confused of my super-persuasive-sentences above. I'm gonna make a confession anyway.. Actually the cafe is owned by my boyfriend and few of his friends. So, the secret is finally revealed, isn't it? But i think that's okay. Since my favorite quote lately is "my blog, is my kingdom", so i have full rights to determine its content, right? Hihihi. I hope you guys don't mind it. And don't forget to come to Go Sip terrace Cafe if you live in Semarang or currently visiting Semarang! Give it a try to their menu, and if you feel disappointed, you can complain to me directly.
 (me and my chef monster's candid photo-shoots at Terrace Cafe)

1. Don't forget to visit their Facebook and Twitter too, dear kind-hearted pals! They're now having an interesting promotion program.
2. All photos above are photographed by Go Sip Terrace Cafe team and me.
3. Gotta chase the deadline again, so i'll catch you all later. Have a super duper happy week, pals!

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