Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Identity As Face.

I read that title above from one of e-books that my lecturer gave me a week ago. But no, thanks, I'm not gonna write something-that-need-full-concentration-to-read like that. I had enough of that. Hahahaha. By the way I've been reading a pile of e-books which contains various topics like Representation, Identity, Racism, etc since yesterday. I've been doing that for the sake of bachelor degree. Some people may think those topics are cheesy. But my head won't stop turning upside down after I read those e-books. You can read it if you want. ;)

One thing that make me curious is, why I always got excited everytime I browse into internet or watch some videos but it turns out I suddenly feel sleepy and can't stop yawning everytime I read those e-books? In fact, I spent 1 hour reading and 3 hours browsing today. That's why I need longer time to finish my work..

FYI, next week will  be a busy week but I can't hide my excitement. I'll be on Jakarta on weekend and will be having a holy-day trip for approximately 2 weeks. I hope everything's going out well and under control. Kyaa definitely can't wait!

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