Sunday, September 21, 2014


So yesterday, a friend of mine @ranggacepot tagged me to join the latest challenge #20FactsAboutMe on instagram. I thought I wouldnt join this challenge at all. But I was wrong. Well, challenge accepted then!! (You can also check it on my insta account @seswiena)

1. I can't swim. Yet my dream holiday destination is Maldives.

2. I love sweet treats! Candy, cake, ice cream, martabak, donuts, etc.

3. Biting lips in one bad habit of mine.

4. Living and studying in Melbourne is also one of my dream. (Hopefully it will come true. Aamiin.)

5. Can not leave oriental boys alone. I have a huge crush on T.O.P of BIGBANG, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Kim Woo Bin.

6. I used to be a collector of few items. From wooden display to Happy Meal toys. But unfortunately it has stopped. Currently thinking about collecting crystal ball as a new hobby.

7. My all time favorite fragrance: Clinique Happy Woman & Man (don't judge me)

8. I once fallen from ojek when I was in high school. Blame it on my bad intentions. I wanted to smack my friend but failed. Karma did exist.

9. My method of working out: running, bicycling, aerobic.

10. I have small moles behind my left knee. That's why people said I love to walk around.

11. When I chat, I won't left 'HAHAHA' behind. I always type it everytime I reply someone's chat. HAHAHA. So nonchalant.

12. My voice is so unstable. Just like my personality. Sometimes it can be in the lowest tone just like silverboyz (if you know what I mean), sometimes the tone can be too high. Even dolphin couldn't handle it.

13. My own fashion statement: RING! I feel weird if I don't wear ring on my finger.

14. A true Scorpion. Egocentric, sharp-tongued, sometimes antagonist. Hahahaha.

15. Still 24 but already got so much grey hair (genetic factor). Yet I can't wait till the day my hair completely turn into grey so I could have my own pastel hair without bleaching it first. :p

16. It's difficult to act as a normal lady. Therefore I choose to be gidil lady instead. Aha!

17. I love watching the rain pouring down through the window while sitting in the car. Duileeee...

18. I grit my teeth while I sleep.

19. Can't resist anything in pink. But currently being tempted by red.

20. I once appointed as flag hoisting troop (not sure what to call it in english) in school and I failed. I raised the flag upside down and all participants of the ceremony had to turn back until the flag raised correctly. So embarrasing. I won't forget it till the end of time.

Well, those are #20FactsAboutMe. How about you? Do you want to do the same? :)


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