Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Messy enough

Hello pals! I'm back! :) Ok. Ok. Ok. I know i'm such a bad blogger. Didn't update my blog during 1 month. No need explaining the reason because you'll get bored with it. Hihihi. How do you do, folks? My life in 1 month backward was so-so. Filled by the same boring daily activities. Did the assignments, Went to the college, Met the lecturers for consuling my research project. Kinda boring with that daily routines. But i know i have to be tough and i have to keep on struggling! Hahaha. That words remind me of the name of my folder that filled by many materials from the lecturers and many assignments from semester 1 until now. :B

Tough. Extremely familiar with that word. Using it since 2839 years ago (exaggerate :p). Tough equals with strong, equals with not easily broken, equals with worn out. A word that repeatedly sound in my mind. Makes me think, am i tough enough to live in this cruel world? Filled with many cruel people who could backstabbing you many times? Oftenly, one side of my mind answers that i am tough and i can live in such a cruel world. But the other side says "you aren't tough enough sweetheart. don't take a risk". Ya, the last side will convince me that i'm weak and try to make me weaker. Like i felt 3 years ago. When I've just arrived in Semarang and have no companion. Arranged the administration thingy all by my self and got back to my new room in granny's house, cried out loud beacuse i was affraid of many things. Affraid because i have to be so far with so many good people in Jakarta, both family and my kind-hearted fellas. Affraid if i couldn't make friends with anybody here. Affraid if i couldn't do well with my college life. Ahh so many affraidness. Haunted my life and my sleeping time. But then i realize that affraidness won't make you succeed. Affraidness won't make you on the top of the world. Those kind of reality makes me think that.. yea.. i have to be tough. Because no one is gonna bring you up but you. I know that affraidnes will come again and again. But just believe in The Power of Mind. Just think that you're tough enough. And you'll become a super tough human that you can't ever imagine. :)

Well well well, i'm gonna post you my last week outfit. this my first experiment. I do ask for your understanding if the background is messy because i haven't cleaned my room yet. :))

From left to right: college outfit on Monday, college outfit on Tuesday, 'do the group assignment' outfit on Wednesday, date outfit on Saturday. :)

Will try to make another photobooth and use shoes on the next experiment. Hihihi.

Bye pals! Be tough! :)


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