Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I remember the most.

It's been a busy week for me because i have to working on many pre midtest assignment and repeatedly learn about few lessons that lecturer's given to me. Yes it's mid term exam week. And it keeps me awake until dawn. On Monday, I worked on 3 pre midtest assigments for sure. 1 hour working on it and 1 hour and a half hit the bed to get some rest. Hahaha. Lazy me! Although i've been busy, but I did had such a great weekend on April 18th. (i'm sorry if i'm such a less update person). I thought my weekend would be boring because there're lotsa assignments that has to be done on Monday and i haven't been working on it before. But then i found myself with the weekend rescuer, the only one Paunchy Monster, we went to our new favorite restaurant then had a nice dinner. We ate a big portion of king crab with sour & sweet sauce and it went really delicious, then got back to my grandma's home with fully-loaded tummy and talked about much topics (mostly about our group assignment. Sigh.) But i really do enjoy this weekend. Thank God for it.

Another thing that make my mood turns great on last weekend was just because i had a nice phonecall from mom and she was happy because daddy bought him a thing that she wanted for long time ago. And she told me about daddy's great achievement. I smiled when i heard it. I'm so happy for him. I know he's been trying so hard to finally got that achievement. Way too hard for sure and he's truly deserved it. Congratulations daddy! :) Suddenly remember about my childhood memories when mom finished her phonecall. I laughed and feel ashamed when i remember about how silly i was. But it's just too sweet. Yes everyone does have such a sweet moments of their childhood memory. So do i. Ahh, suddenly i wanna go back exactly at those time. Time flies really fast and here i am now, a 20 years old girl turn to be an adult woman. I aint no more daddy's crybaby who frequently asked to carried on his back. I'm standing right here with my own feet. Yes, it's just too sweet to remeber. So, I did a flashback about what kind of things i remember the most and these are the results:

1. Daddy fed me using rice spoon.

Hahaha. I know i know it's kinda weird. But my dad did that when i was 4 or 5. Well my house was being renovated at that time and and all the furniture in a house were so messy, including the cutlery. I'm very hungry at that time and eventually cry, then daddy possessed of ideas and end up used the rice scoop to feed me. xp (pic courtesy: link)

2. Birthday celebration
The other thing i most remember about my childhood is my parents usually celebrated my birthday almost every year when i was a kid. And that memories were very impressive. Candles, birthday cake, sang the birthday song, a busy moment but very enjoyable.

3. May not dressed
Ahahahaha. That's so true! I could walk around the house without using any piece of clothing! Wondering if I'm still doing it after all these days. :D :D :D
4. "Digendong Kemana-Mana"
Almost all baby and children are always carried wherever they go and so did i. I still remember every time when i feel tired I could just asked my dad to carried me on his back. Ahhh, i miss those time. :)

Well those are few moments i could share with you. Actually there are many more but I'll try to remember again and tell you later. :)) Suddenly i think that those kind of memories are just too sweet to forget and too precious to ignore. AAA.. I'm gonna keep it right in my heart and my mind. I love my childhood memories and also my family!! :)

 pict of me and my cousins. Rindang & Mba Desy.

As i promised before, i'm gonna post you my second experiment and this time i did make a new background and used a pair of shoes. Voila!

dress: Mint, grey cardi: Mangga Dua, Tights: Mangga Dua, Shoes: Kimmy, Bag: a present from Mom, Scarf (using it as a hairpiece): Grandma's

Paunchy Monster also did his experiment too! Hihihi.

Ok... I think that's enough for this time. I'll let my self to be drown in my own childhood memories. See you... 


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