Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feels great to be back!

Hi pals! Sorry for abandoning this blog quite long. The internet connection didn't cooperate well last week and it sucks. You know, living in the world like this without no internet connection, makes me feel miserable. :( and what made it become worse, I just got to back to the service office for about 3 times just to make sure my internet connection don’t act like a donkey anymore. I've met the customer service and complaining about my problem. Then the result was i had to wait one week until they fix it. Yeah. So long and boring. But it’s not important anymore rite now. Happily, the internet connection is currently back!! Woohoo.

I miss bloggingsphere for sure. I miss blogwalking, i miss posting comment in many wonderful posts, i miss reading nice comments from my dearest pals. Yeah i mean it. But, i think i had enough with the sadness sentences. Let's move into a happiness one! Well pals, last week was awesome! Join a strategic planner workshop at Thursday and the workshop was filled with so much fun! Learn tons of new knowledge from the expert of strategic communication thingy, also makes me realized about one thing, don't hesitate to join lots of new activities. We are young and potential, so explore your talent while you can! So here are few photos from last workshop.

Me and my friends were too creative at that time. After presented our creative project, we've got an idea to capture our silly faces instead of listening the other's presentation. Hahaha. Don't try to follow our silly acts ya.. ;)

I keep laughing and laughing everytime i look at these two photos. The webcam was obviously know how to make our faces become completely silly! I'm rolling on the floor now! x)


Well then, i'm going to face my final exam next week. It's gonna be another hectic, rough, and hard week to be passed. I'm hoping and pray for the best score for every subjects. Amien. Have a drop dead gorgeous weekend, pals!


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Fashion Chalet said...

CHIC blog.

loving your Style and title :)


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