Saturday, August 28, 2010

Calmness Corner

cute bedroom picture from How To Live Like An Oman Princess

Weekend. Feels so great to finally have my own leisure and pleasure time. Got no particular plans or things to do but watching TV and sit in front of my laptop. So i decided to take a walk to few home-design blogs and websites. Gladly i found some inspirational bedroom pictures which well-designed and it completely made my eyes feel brighter than before because of its details, colors, and good quality of its furniture. Well, who doesn't like a magnificent architecture? I bet you all like it. :)

Okay, i guess you know what topic i'm going to write it down exactly on this post. Yes, it's bedroom inspiration. To be certain, each people have special characteristic and criteria of their own bedrooms. What design that she/he likes. What color or furniture that she/he will put on her/his room. For me, i quiet like a room that painted with calm colors such as pale pink, cyan, peach, light yellow and light purple, combined with brighter furniture, and designed in more detail.

I browsed more bedroom picts and found lotsa rooms that designed like a princess room. Which is really cute, warm, and soft. Seems it will give new spirit and energy to everyone who sleeps in the room. Oh i'm longingly to have one. :)

Okay, now i'm trapped. I want to renovate my bedroom soon because of these pictures. And i guess i have to learn more about interior deign soon in order to create my own dream room. Another homework to be done! :D

Anyway, which design do you like, pals? Or are you having another specific characteristics? Tell me then! It will be nice to hear bunch ideas. Have a wonderful weekend, pals! Catch you soon.

P.S: You can click the links below on each photos to see another marvelous designs!

 What do you think about this baby room?  :)



Ctoonz said...

i think the last one is so dreamy but its so cute! :)

CLIFF from

augustalolita said...

oh my!! these all would be a dream bedroom for me!! i love rooms that are french inspired and very feminine!! photo #1 with the vanity would be a perfect <3

michelle_ said...

fab room ideas !
i love the dreamy feel of these rooms :)

michelle_ said...

fab room ideas !
i love the dreamy feel of these rooms :)

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