Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stay happy. Stay positive.

"Let positive thoughts control you in a day. 
So you can find the fact that your day is so much happier than it seems."

To be such a positive human being isn't that hard to do. Yet i can not say it's easy either. Sometimes people are just too lazy to see problems from another point of view. Some people seems so enjoy to complain when they got a problem, but can you feel the good effect behind stay positive when we got a problem? Can you feel tranquility that we got after being grateful in every moments in our life?

So yes, I know you guys ever did something inappropriate in your life. I did too. But drowning with too much complains that coming out from our mouth isn't a good way out to face those tons of problems. Now, i just wanna share something that hopefully can help you out from whatever problems that you currently trapped into.

Three small rules for living a happy life
1. Start each day with a grateful heart.
2. Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter.
3. End each day with a grateful heart. 
Lucy MacDonald

Anyway, I feel sorry (again) for abandoning my blog quite long. I no longer have enough spare time because of internship. So, yes, i started my internship at August 1st, and during this, i'm officially being a 'temporary employee'. Working behind a desk from 8 to 4. Analyzing a large amount of documents that contain media monitoring. Doing any other job that Public Relations usually do. Well, more than enough to explain that i'm now have no spare time even to make a quick post. Pardon me.

So happy rite now because i finally can meet The Fasting Month again. For all moslem out there, i just wanna say Happy Fasting Month to all of you. May God always bless each and everyone of us from the 1st day until 30th day of Fasting Month! :)



JoewardM said...

i love the jeans vest! :]

Stevia said...

cool vest!
love it ;)


Ctoonz said...

i love ur jeans vest! :D

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