Monday, February 28, 2011

Current Wishlist.

I'm currently at Semarang now. Yes, i've just finished the KKN activities! So glad to finally come back into real life. It feels like i just woke up and get ready to live in the real life for sure. Time flies really fast. I thought 35 days would be such a long long time. But i've changed my mind because that's totally wrong. 35 days feels like 7 days. Weird, huh? I'm feeling it too. Another weird thing running inside my head is: tomorrow is the first class on 8th semester! Geez, i still can't believe that time is INDEED flies really fast and i haven't got any chance to go back to Jakarta *sigh. Well hey, that's not a big problem anyway. The academic thing always be the first priority in my life. Just like my dad said to me :p. So, instead of complaining about this lil problem along the week (which is unnecessary), i want to share few things that i've been longing recently..

these things.


another karaoke session with loved one


flying. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vacation In Disguise

It feels quite sucks when situation got me separated from things i love and it's so sad to admit that I've been in that kind of situation for approximately one month. I bet you already know what kind of thing i've mentioned earlier. Yeah, it's blogging. Like i said before, i've been isolated in suburban place for college necessity. Making programs and mingle with people around the village. Such an excitement! Especially i got bunch of hilarious partners that makes me laugh almost every hour. But unfortunately, the signal is really bad there so i couldn't update my blog. Some of you maybe a bit confused with my statement before. How come i can update my blog when signal is bad? Well, gotta tell you one thing, i'm at Semarang now. Thank God for college-administration-thingy. I can use that as a motive and  come back to Semarang for a while and the most important thing: i can update this blog. Finally! :)

One month living in the village successfully made me chubbier and fatter! FYI, I've gained 3 kilos because of the-oh-so-called-regularity meal time. Guess i have to be friend with diet after this. But i think this is not the right time to talk about diet,  so let's move to the other interesting story. Living in the village is really indeed a refreshment! As you can see on my photos, i'm surrounded by green rice field. Really an entertainment (in a natural way). Sometimes a short runaway from a big city full of people and pollution is needed to sweep the stress away. This is just like a vacation for sure, in a different form actually. But it's still vacation, though.. :p

Surely, i'm thanking God for this vacation in disguise. For some people perhaps this could be nothing. But for me, this is a new journey that leads me into a new phase of life. I've got tons of interesting experiences. Everyone knows, too many gravel that could make you suddenly fall. But this journey, has made me know more how to stand after falling. This journey, has made me know more that life is something to fight for. This journey, has made me know more that no matter how hard i'm trying to be individual and selfish, it just end up with nothing but anger, not victory as i thought before. A journey like this, is a true definition of working group. And i just noticed, only 3 days left and i'll be leaving this village. Wake up from a dream and living my real life like usual. In the end, i just realized this journey is real priceless.

1. Pardon me pals, because of the busy and tight schedule, i've got no time to dress up. So here i am, with the casual look again. :)
2. Hope you could feel a journey like this, which could make you realize even more about the meaning of life. Sooner or later..

See you later, pals..
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