Monday, February 28, 2011

Current Wishlist.

I'm currently at Semarang now. Yes, i've just finished the KKN activities! So glad to finally come back into real life. It feels like i just woke up and get ready to live in the real life for sure. Time flies really fast. I thought 35 days would be such a long long time. But i've changed my mind because that's totally wrong. 35 days feels like 7 days. Weird, huh? I'm feeling it too. Another weird thing running inside my head is: tomorrow is the first class on 8th semester! Geez, i still can't believe that time is INDEED flies really fast and i haven't got any chance to go back to Jakarta *sigh. Well hey, that's not a big problem anyway. The academic thing always be the first priority in my life. Just like my dad said to me :p. So, instead of complaining about this lil problem along the week (which is unnecessary), i want to share few things that i've been longing recently..

these things.


another karaoke session with loved one


flying. :D


Dana Paramita said...

you're a student of Diponegoro university?
nice to know you :)

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

cute flying pic! :)

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