Monday, April 25, 2011

Glad to Finally Comeback!

Livin' in a zombie world. Yes i am. Day become the night, and night become the day. Stay awake when others fall asleep and vice versa. Causing a "little mess" in my brain. That's why i can't catch my blog for approximately one month. I can blame on my brain which less cooperative lately. I found it so hard to split my mind (which is easy before i'm living in such unorganized life). Can't suggest you to live like this. Hell no. All i want to do is just share what shit i taste recently. It's irritating though...

But hey, let's get the 'positive mental attitude' back. Enough with complain and so on and so on. Anyway, how do you do, pals? Been quite long not interact with the other bloggers. Any interesting news? Or maybe interesting gossips? ;) Well, i am so glad to finally come back. Glad to finally have the will (and also idea) to update this blog. By the way, i managed to refresh my blog by changing its layout. Kick away the lame widget and sidebar in order to make it simpler. What do you think, dear? Haven't changed the background and the header yet. But i'll keep it in my to-do list.

Some of you maybe wondering where i took these photos above and below. Umm, i took it at my daddy's office for sure! Haha. How come? Well, few weeks ago i went back home to finish my internship material and i had to wait quite long to make it real done. So when my daddy went out to attend a meeting, i managed to make a-not-so-called-photoshoot-but-it's-okay instead of sat down like a dumb, just waiting and waiting. Can't imagine if my daddy suddenly appear and staring at me posing like that. Maybe i would be freezing and it would be an awkward moment. Hihihi. Too lame to be true.

It's 7 o'clock in the morning when i wrote this, and you know what? I haven't sleep at all. Whereas i'm gonna face mid exam this week. So i better get some good sleep in order to stay healthy and fit (and also alive) this week. Catch you all, pals! Immediately! Wishing all the good luck to those of you who'll face the exam week like me! Wishing all the good luck too, to junior high students who'll face national exam today! Have a fabulous week!!

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sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

your dad has such a cool office ;) nice photoshoot anyway :) tx for the congrats btw. & i how to make moving pics as ur header anyway? looks pretty cool!

hv a fab week urself! :)

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