Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Write, Write, Write

I once read someone tweeted about "creative people upload everything, lazy people download everything". Wow, I'm deeply motivated by that quote. Therefore I wrote down "Update my blog as many as I can" on my 2015 resolution list. But I think I already failed at that resolution. Just look at how many posts I've written this year. Too few. Thumbs down.

Speaking of writing, I think I need to find another motivation in order to make me eager to write tons of blogpost. Sooo, I've been listing down few interesting "bribe". Here's to give you (and me also) such new motivation to write again!

1. Buy a cute notebook.
Idea pops in such unpredictable time. While in fact I tend to forget easily. Therefore I have to write my ideas down on notebook. Well I know that's such a silly reason. I knew I could write every single details of my ideas in my smartphone. But hey, this is not a bad thing anyway. Hehehe. The most important thing is, don't let those precious ideas fly away. 

2. Find a comfy place to write.
I used to write in my own bedroom or cafes. But now, I finally got a proper working desk in my office. Hopefully it will be comfortable enough for writing and developing many many ideas. :)

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