Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blogtravel: A Trip to Ujung Genteng

Few months ago, me and my not-so-little-brothers anymore went on a vacation to Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi. Why Ujung Genteng? Simply because we wanted to go to the beach. But most of all, we picked Ujung Genteng because it's untouchable unlike the other vacation spot which too mainstream and too crowded to visit, and fortunately it was true. Ujung Genteng offers an extremely pretty scenery that you can't resist and what makes it more pretty, it gives that serene feeling that I actually feel it was my own private beach.

Speaking about the trip, the trip itself wasn't as easy as we predicted before. We thought it would take approximately 5 hours to reach there. But actually it took 8-10 hours (slightly forget)! With damaged roads and minimum streetlight, we finally reached there and voila! It was such a pleasure to be there!

We also managed to visit Cikaso waterfall. The waterfall is unique because it has 3 separated waterfalls in one area. To reach there, we also had to walk in between the paddy field, into the woods, and by the river. What a long journey but it was worth the pain.


The way back home wasn't easy also! We tried different route but surprisingly we took road that waaaayyyy worse than before. But that's okay because all of us had a good time together! Honestly this is our first siblings vacation without our parents. We're effin tired but you know what? We're gonna do it frequently in the future!


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