Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There you go..

Hi Pals!

It’s such a pleasure to meet you again. How are you guys doing? Hope you have an awesome day with so many lovely activities and surrounded by thousands wonderful people. Eymen! ;P Well, my day is full with tons of assignments, which makes me so hectic during these several months.

Btw Pals, I’ve decided to use English in this post because I read some of inspiring blog from Indonesian people and they’ve been writing at their blog using English and suddenly I want make one too. Firstly I wanna say sorry for your inconvenience if you find any wrong words or misplacing grammars. Pardon me, I’m still learning. ;)

Anyway Pals, I wanna share some story about my life. I was born in Jakarta 20 years ago. I’m the elder daughter of a super fabulous mommy and a great unwavering daddy. ;) I have two brothers, and yes I’m the princess in this family. Hehhe. I’m currently a college student in Diponegoro University, majoring Strategic Communication study. Now I ‘m staying in Semarang for awhile during studying at the college. Sometimes I feel terrible when I have to face the fact that I’m homesick. It feels like I’m alone in the middle of nowhere, but I also can’t deny that living in Semarang gives me so many new experience and stories.

Living in other city, gives me some positive and negative effects. Let me share some stories for you about that. The pluses are you’ll be able to have many new friends and you’ll be able to stand alone because you don’t live near with your parents. You have to do everything by yourself. On the other side, the minuses of living in other city, you’ll find it difficult when you have to communicate with the others because living in other city will confront you with people from different cultures which means they tend to have different style with the way they talk or behave. For me, it’s quite shocking initially. But when you find the right pattern, I bet you will succeeded going across that part. ;))

Pals, I admit that my tips won’t work well in every condition and situation. But I hope my story was interesting enough to read. FYI, I will get a short holiday this weekend. I will celebrate “Idul Adha”. It is a red-letter day and many Moslem will celebrate it with pray in the morning first and continued by slaughter a cow, goat, or a buffalo. The celebration is a kind of symbol according to story of the prophet in Islam. I’m so happy that I will have time to rest. But I also feel flustered whether I have to go back to Jakarta or I just stay in Semarang instead.

Anyway I think it’s enough for this time. Hope you don’t feel bored with my story. See you on next post hey you amazing readers. :)

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