Sunday, December 6, 2009

one week

Hello bello pals.. it’s been a week I didn’t write any posts or updates. How’s your week? Was it great? Or horrible? Hope you had a great week, pals. This time, I’ll tell you some story about my short holiday during this weekend. My weekend was filled by some Japanese stuffs. How come? Well, a couple days ago, me and my friend, Shasha, were had a short conversation about what will we do in weekend. Accidentally, we both were craving for sushi. Suddenly I asked her whether she wanted to go to Nori and fortunately she said yes. Actually, for you who don’t know what is Nori, I’ll give you a short explanation. Nori is a Japanese Restaurant in Semarang which serves many Japanese foods such as sushi and ramen. I’ve never been to that place before and thanks to Shasha, who took me to that place. Haha. Actually it’s been a long time I wanted to go to Nori. Living in Semarang for almost 3 years and never been to that place, it's quite pathetic for me. hahha.
Well, we went to Nori at 8 pm after we had ‘wash and blow’ thing at Mizu Salon. FYI, Mizu is a salon with Japanese ambience and.. ok, I’ll tell it later. Now let’s go back to Nori first. Hehe. I admitted that Nori was a great place to visit. The place was so nice with many comfy sofa and they also have lounge. The place was divided into 2 side, which the right side is apparently aimed for families and the left side is for people who wants to enjoy some live music and lounge. I'm fallin in love with the place. ;) The people were also kind and warm-welcomed. And here are some pictures when we were in Nori..
this is me while enjoying my Fushion Chicken Udon ;)
and this is Shasha while enkoying her Fushion Beef Ramen
Me, Shasha, and our silly act! ;P
Anyway, now let’s move to Mizu. Before I went to Nori, Shasha took me to Mizu to have some ‘wash and blow’ thingy. And this is the very first time I went to Mizu. Surprisingly, the place was sooo nice with many yellow-coloured lamps (oh I do love that thing coz it makes my skin brighter when I take picture under the lamp. LOL) and many mirrors (of course!). Such a perfect combo! And the fact that I’ve visited 2 different place with great Japanese ambience were so impressive.
isn't it lovely?
Btw pals, my sleeping problem is getting worse nowadays. I can’t sleep before 3 am and I’ve never had a nice sleep. I often got headache and it’s torturing me already! Having an unorganized life is definitely not recommended yet I don’t knom what should I do then.. hmm. Oh well, i think that's enough.. And for all of you who haven't my twitter yet, just feel free to follow me at @seswiena and also feel free to add my account at myspace.
see you later pals. XOXO.

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