Thursday, December 10, 2009

I want that!

Good afternoon pals. How are you? Hope you are doing well and great. Actually, I have to take a bath and dress up because I have ‘Consumer Behavior’ class at 16.30, but now I’m sitting here, right in front of my laptop to write some post instead. Hehehe. Well well well, 2 days ago, me and my boyfriend Ison, went to EP to watch Endah N Rhesa’s performance. The show was absolutely outstanding!! They were so great and communicative. Really really love the way they ‘treat’ the audience. And the fact that they are newlywed made some audience said ‘cieeee’ when they stare to each other. So sweet.. hihihi. ;))

Oh well pals, apparently I’m letting you know what’s on my
mind right now. I’m cranky with my cellphone because it’s getting more and more frail nowadays. I just bought it about 10 months ago and so many damages are being popped out, freakin mad! :| Because of that, now I surely wanna buy 2 gadgets to back up for fear that my cellphone is going to be ‘out of order’. Hehehe. And here are those 2 gadgets which successfully messing up my mind. Hehe

1. Red / Pink Sony Digital Camera

Yess-o-yess I want that camera so much!! Somebody please give me that camera as my early birthday gift now!! I’m begging you! Hahaha. Well, actually I want to buy that camera for long long time ago. But It has delayed and I bought new phone instead.

2. Ipod Touch 8Gb

Uh huh. Look at the picture, pals! The shape and the contour of its body is making me melt! (ok. It’s overreacting). Hehe. Wondering who will be the nicest human on earth if she/he in pleasure for buying me that Ipod. Hihi.

Anw, 2 days ago, my lil brother, Ilyas, celebrated his 12th birthday! Happy birthday to him. Big love for Ilyas.. and I’m currently thinking what would be the best to him to give as a birthday present. Well I think it’s enough. Let me drown into my dizzily feeling, pals. Hahaha. Bye!!

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