Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1st year anniversary!

Feel so excited yesterday because yesterday was my 1st year anniversary with my beloved Ison! We haven't prepared anything yet to celebrate it. It was a spontaneous idea when we decided to celebrate the day by having dinner at Komachi, Java Mall. The celebration went so simple. We both (plus Sha2, yes she accompanied us yesterday. :P) just enjoyed our meals and took some picture (i'll upload it soon, pals! Just wait okayy..). Although the celebration was so simple, yet i'm thanking God for giving me such a great boyfriend and we can pass the 1st year. Realized that our relationship hasn't decent entirely, but i'm sure we can make it until 21st years anniv or 50th years anniv. Amien.

Thanks for being everything, dear Muhammad Ihsan.
Je t'aime.


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