Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey pals, I’m back again.

Imsonia attacks me again and again! FYI I haven’t been sleep yet and I don’t feel drowsy at all. What a night! My eyes are still wide open so I decided to write a new post after finished packing some stuff. Wait, what did I say? Packing? Oh yes I packed some stuff because I’m going to attend a ‘Makrab’ for new fresh collegian. I won’t come as a committee, I just come as a ‘senior’ because I had arranged the same event 1 year ago and in our majors, every year the collegian in 2nd year have to arrange the innaguration for new collegian. The ‘Makrab’ is about to held in Kopeng, Salatiga and the area is quite cold so I have to bring some sweater. ;)

Anyway, I’m gonna post some photos in this post. The photos are already taken for about 4 days ago when me, Ison, and some friends were waiting for our lecturer to come. Here it goes..

husband-to-be. :)

with Shasha

meet Adit, my classmate.

some absurd act.


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