Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Almost late post.

Hey pals, I know it’s kinda late if I just started to talk about new year’s eve. But, better be late than never rite? Hihihi. How was your new year celebration, pals? Mine was great : ) although I just celebrated it by having some bbq things in Paunchy Monster’s house, not attending huge party like everybody else did but it was really fun! Me, Paunchy Monster, Mas Nanda, Mas Wawan, Mba Galih, Kipot, Mbahe, Dikri and Dani were having a great time. We roasted many sausages, meatballs, shrimps, corns, and also vegetables and cassavas (can’t you imagine? We used many things that we can eat. Hihi). We spent our time by watching tv. Surprisingly, there’s a full moon in the middle of the night and I suddenly feel that this year will be an awesome year! Amien. :) and here is my new year’s resolution. Hope I can reach it all. Wish me luck, pals! And don’t forget to share your wish list too.. I’ll be in high level of happiness if you want to share it.. :D



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