Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Social Campaign

Hey Pals, I’m back. Sorry for not updating this blog for several times. Actually I wasn’t so busy last week. But say hi to my friend named laziness. He successfully made me don’t wanna get my ass off from the bed. :( Yeah I just spent my day with tweeting while I’m lying on my bed or just went out with my boyfriend after having our class. Talking about tweeting, yaa I’ve been addicted to twitter since few months ago and honestly I want to reduce it because it makes me more extravagant (both money and battery side). I surely want to do it but I just can’t get my hands off from my cellphone! Fyuuh. And talking about my boyfriend, I just found a new nickname for him --> Paunchy Monster. Hihihi. Yayaya, his tummy is now puffed up! ;P

Oh well dear, now I want to share something. My lecturer from Social Campaign subject gave my class some assignment to do and it’s been very interesting
. He told that we have to create a campaign which concern to social section. Me and some of my friend decided to make a campaign titled ‘pick a tv show for your kids intelligently’ and also decided to named our group ‘Credible’ abbreviation from ‘Creative and Communication Blended’ . We chose students from 3rd grade elementary school as a target audience. We came to school and gave some information to them about how to pick an educative tv show. We also talked to their parents in Report Card Day. We gave the parents some module and information about how important to accompanying their children while they watch the tv. I was so nervous because this is my first experience. But then it was really fun! The children were so excited to follow our instructions and they were so cute.. although there were some kids who act lil bit annoying, but I admitted that they were such a brilliant kids! Love them :* and these are some
photos from our Social Campaign project..

behind the scene



P.S: I'm going to visit some of kids' home for evaluating our campaign. wish me luck dear amazing readers, and hopefully i'll get A in this subject.:))

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