Monday, May 17, 2010

Proud for being Indonesian. :)

So, as we all (Indonesian people) know that Indonesia's team didn't get both Thomas and Uber's trophy this year. And i feel dissapointed at the first time i know they're lost. But it just happened for about 3 minutes.. Uumm.. 2 minutes and a half for sure. Haha. Ok it's not important. After 3 minutes drowning in blue feeling and then i was thinking, why i should be dissapointed with Indonesia's team? They're already gave the best performance. A super tight game. And China didn't win easily. They tried so hard and finally won. Congratulations for China. :) And then i'm starting to think again, why i shouldn't be proud for being Indonesian after facing that kind of reality? No way. I'm not gonna change my citizenship after knowing that our badminton team or maybe our soccer team never bring any kind of trophy from any kind of tournament. No. Definitely not. I am proudly introduce myself as Edwina Nuroctaviani. Indonesian people. And i am proud being Indonesian. :)

Oh yea, and i don't know why today i feel extremely proud to be one of Indonesian people. To be honest, i like the atmosphere when each of Indonesian gather and support Indonesia's team. I feel the 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' philosohpy. I love the way spectator's scream and sing our national song. Ahh.. I was on fire when i watched those games. And to be honest once again, i wanna sing 'Indonesia Raya' when Indonesia's team win the tournament. Either Thomas Cup or Uber Cup. God, please make it happen...

There are still much reasons why i'm proud being Indonesian. I'll share to you 5 reasons! Enjoyy..

1. Indonesia has many beautiful places. You named it, from Bali to Jogja. From Padang to Lombok. Every cities has its own uniqueness. Maybe you need 10 years trip to enjoy and explore Indonesia because we have 17.504 islands. :D 

pic's source (link)

2. You can taste much delicious food in Indonesia. Indonesia's food is well-known for its taste because we have much spices and we could take it from our land everytime we want. Even Mr. Obama still want to eat Indonesia's food like Bakso (meatball) or Sate (satay). :)) 

pic source (link)

3. We have Borobudur temple. One of 7 wonders in world. It's used to be. But i don't mind it. It won't reduce my nationality. Hihi. Don't you see that we still have many beautiful temples here? In Indonesia? Prambanan, Mendut, Pawon, Plaosan, and there are still much to come. Wait to be explored and enjoyed by Indonesian people. Oh i really should be proud. 

pict of Borobudur temple

4. Meet us, the 4th largest population in the world. No wonder we always have the best spectators. We scream out loud, we support our team, we... Ahh we are the best! :D

this is me and my classmates. one example of Indonesia's spectators. ;)

5.  We have many creative people!
We found, we design, we create many new thigs. From Kaskus to Nexian. From Zyrex to Soe Hok Gie the movie. :))

Ahha! I still have zillion reasons to write down on this post. But i'll keep it and share only 5 for you. Maybe next post i'll write another reasons. :) And for Indonesian readers, let me know if you have another reasons ya.. It will be nice to hear. :))

Oh ya, before you say i'm a liar for bringing such incorrect statements, well i must admit that Indonesia also has negative side. There are still problems that have to be solved like poverty, illiterate, traffic,  flood, etc. But i don't care with those obstacles. I believe in the next 5 years Indonesia will grow like a giant. A conqueror giant that any other countries never thought before. Go Indonesia go! Indonesia is on my chest!! Come on Indonesia, show your power to the world! Woohoo.

I'll keep the red flag flying high in my chest and my mind. Red is my blood and white is my bone. Go Indonesia! You're the best! ;)

ps: you should be proud with your nationality too, pals!



michelle_ said...

great post !
i agree we must be proud of our country :)

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Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hi,,nice header, nice blog and cute style..
wanna exchange link and or follow me??

edwina nuroctaviani said...

thanks for the nice comments. really appreciate it. :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said... me as miss dorothy..

dsy said...

yup, we must be proud to be Indonesian..!

edwina nuroctaviani said...

@Dorothy: i've linked you dear.. :)
@Dsy: sure. we shoul be proud! thanks for the comment. :))

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

ur link was done..check on keep in touch yach..

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

you're right ! we have to proud to be an Indonesian cause there's no country like Indonesia. we're rich of everything such as: culture,traditions,language,agriculture until mining. we're live in a heaven of the earth



edwina nuroctaviani said...

thanks for the nice comment, Tasya. :)

nitya said...

Hello Edwina,
I agree we should proud to be an Indonesian..

I'm new in fashion blogging and need some advices, would you like to give me some? THanks!

Strawberry Giggles

Aditya said...

love red and white..!!

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