Thursday, May 13, 2010

A word isn't enough

I try to see each problem through your glasses. But i still couldn't find any reason why we are separated by the differences. I'm still thinking that we are such a great partner. Match in every parts. But why do we still hanging on the same stupid problem called 'ego'?

I know i can't easily change you to be a better person and i know you're thinking the same way too. I also know that every problems come whenever they want to come and they always come with a bad timing too.. I've been learning about it since approximately one year ago yet i still couldn't find the best way to solve any problem. All i can do is improving the sense of emphaty so i can feel what you feel, see what you see, hear what you hear. But, why i still feel that you haven't feel satisfied with all the things i've been done?

I keep trying to not to think anything negative about you. It's hard though.. Sometimes i feel insecure. It's because you seem happy with all the things that make your life more dangerous. Why? I still don't get the answer about many questions. And it compounded with bunch of new questions, show up in the wrong time. 

I admit that in several times i said 'i had enough with this'. Feels like i wanna go to another world where we don't have to hurt each other. But i just couldn't do it. There's a power which says to me to stay hold on. Like you said 'Behind the clouds is the star still shining'. Yea i keep that words stay in my mind. You've got me realized that few questions just don't need to be answered and i keep it as a color of the life. The grey one for sure.

Thanks for making me realized that world isn't only about happy or smile. You taught me about sadness and cry. And i'm thanking for that. Neither blaming nor being angry with you. Sorry for all the bad things i've ever done to you.

And i just wanna say something to you.
'I want you to be my life'

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