Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lovely afternoon and lovely companion

Today is the first day of final exam week and i still find any chances to update my blog just in case you've started to miss me. I surely know you haven't miss me yet. But i bet you will. Not funny, huh? ;) Don't you think that i'm too cocky? Pardon me pals. Just trying to make a fun greetings! :D So i'm gonna share my last photo shot. Did it when few friends from Jakarta, Sherly and Gita (will share their photos on my next post) hit Semarang to have a short holiday. On that day, i was a contemporary tour guide for one day. Excited? Yes i was.

All photos on this post was taken in Gereja Blenduk, a famous well-known church in Semarang. The church located in old city area and surrounded by many old vintage buildings. Went to that beautiful place at 4 am in the afternoon and wore a very berry casual outfit in order to avoid the 'stifflingly hot' weather that Semarang usually gives, but thanked God the weather was so nice! The sun was so friendly and the wind was as friendly as the sun too. All went so perfect on that afternoon. :)

I just love took a photo on one side of its area. The yellow dry leaves just made the photo looks better! I like those leaves effect. Well then, no need to talk more trashy words.. Just enjoy my photos! Hihi. Oh, last but not least, hope i get the best score on all subjects! Have a wonderful productive day, pals!! Hugscratchkiss! ;)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feels great to be back!

Hi pals! Sorry for abandoning this blog quite long. The internet connection didn't cooperate well last week and it sucks. You know, living in the world like this without no internet connection, makes me feel miserable. :( and what made it become worse, I just got to back to the service office for about 3 times just to make sure my internet connection don’t act like a donkey anymore. I've met the customer service and complaining about my problem. Then the result was i had to wait one week until they fix it. Yeah. So long and boring. But it’s not important anymore rite now. Happily, the internet connection is currently back!! Woohoo.

I miss bloggingsphere for sure. I miss blogwalking, i miss posting comment in many wonderful posts, i miss reading nice comments from my dearest pals. Yeah i mean it. But, i think i had enough with the sadness sentences. Let's move into a happiness one! Well pals, last week was awesome! Join a strategic planner workshop at Thursday and the workshop was filled with so much fun! Learn tons of new knowledge from the expert of strategic communication thingy, also makes me realized about one thing, don't hesitate to join lots of new activities. We are young and potential, so explore your talent while you can! So here are few photos from last workshop.

Me and my friends were too creative at that time. After presented our creative project, we've got an idea to capture our silly faces instead of listening the other's presentation. Hahaha. Don't try to follow our silly acts ya.. ;)

I keep laughing and laughing everytime i look at these two photos. The webcam was obviously know how to make our faces become completely silly! I'm rolling on the floor now! x)


Well then, i'm going to face my final exam next week. It's gonna be another hectic, rough, and hard week to be passed. I'm hoping and pray for the best score for every subjects. Amien. Have a drop dead gorgeous weekend, pals!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Letter to I..

Dear I,
I've read few text from you in return and I suddenly remember when you used to be angry with me because i've always disappeared with my own activities. Now the things happen contrary, you've been really busy lately and i just realized about something... I will never do the same thing that you did at the past. I will never be angry with you. I exactly know it'll be so hard to do such thing like this. But i've promised myself to set you free. Now you can go wherever you wanna go. All i wanna say is one thing: just control your emotion because i will not always stay by your side all the time. Just promise me, will you? :)

Oh and the reason why i write a post like this, i just wanna let you know about my currently feeling. Neither to blame on you nor to make you feel guilty. So don't let yourself drown in a guilty feeling after read this post, would you? You don't have to be worry because i am not gonna go anywhere or do something crazy. No, i will not. Just hold my words: I'm still giving my heart to you, love..

Will do blogwalking and post comments as soon as possible. I'm just too lazy to do it rite now. :'( pardon me pals! Hugs!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Killing time.

I've made a little change on my Tumblr. If you have much spare time, just click wavygreyhair. If you don't, then find spare time to click it!! :p


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's dawn, and i'm still wide awake and make an absurd post.

is the light that comes to Earth from the Moon. This light does not originate from the Moon, but actually originates from sunlight. The Moon does not, however, reflect sunlight like a mirror, but it emits light from those portions of its surface which the Sun's light strikes. (via Wikipedia)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Starve to death

click the following link to visit the original page of images above: 

So, i woke up early in this morning (which is unusual) and now i'm hungry because i haven't eat anything at all since 12 hours ago. And then i logged on to my Flickr account and type words: food and hungry at the search engine and found 'I Ate This' pool. Found myself realized that i've made the wrong decision b typing such words at the search engine. :/

1. I'm now feel more hungry. :(
2. Just wait for my outfit post, pals! Hugs! :)

 ● WIENA ●

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another pride.

I bet you curious to know who's the man behind this awesome photos. Meet Andhika Vinirza Hakim! He's my high school fella and currently being my bodyguard when i'm in Jakarta. Haha. He has a big passion on cameras, especially an analog one. It's always and will be an amazing experience when i dig into his photos through his Flickr. Well yeah, you should try to check his Flickr too. :) Oh and the photos above were capturing the same object. That is Prambanan Temple from a small town in Indonesia, called Jogjakarta. Beautiful, huh? ;)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So long and goodbye

Let me say something...


Don't hesitate to give me tons of happy moments, dear June.


The Real Long Weekend. :)

I had a nice long weekend. Woohoo. How was your long weekend, pals? I hope it was great! :) Well i didn't went abroad or went somewhere far. But i've got a chance to pamper my self. Got a very very nice full body treatment from massage until milk bath. It made me sooo relax. Finally i could treat my body really nice after.. Mmm.. What can i say? Oh yeaa i'll declare it as 'Torturing Months'. ;)

Finally my tongue could taste J.Cool. Yarribaa!!

I also got a chance to hang out with fellas and we did have a nice chit-chat dinner on friday night. Nothing beats the Girls' Night Out. Even a romantic dinner could never win it. (Believe me, The Girls' Night Out is way better. Hihi.)


And finally i watched Prince of Persia on saturday. The movie was really cool. I love Jake Gylllenhaal on that movie. He sucessfully made Prince Dastan as a new icon. Oh i can't get him out of my mind. Hits! :D

Meet Tuty, junior in the college. She's lovable. :)

And this is Shasha, I consider her as my elder sister. Hihi.

Sorry for the bad quality of the last photo. I think it's because of its small size.

Oh and talking about the internship thingy, It's getting difficult btw. The corporate asks me to send few things to finish the requirement which i've never tought before. Fiuh. I need more positive spirit!! Btw i really appreciate those who wish me a good luck on my previous post. Thanks for the comments. You're so kind! Hugs! :)

"You can go out whenever you want. But please don't complain when i walk into another path to find my own happiness."

See you pals!
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