Monday, July 19, 2010

Good times - Good people.

This is what i love about holiday and being in Jakarta. I could meet bunch of old friends!! Last Wednesday, a friend of mine from high school, Pijar, called me to ask whether if she allowed to visit me or not. And surely i said yes! The she came to my house, we talked a lot, gossiped  a lot, and then we went to Pancious to had some late lunch. It was fun! Literally! :)

Random pose of mine. Hihihi. i just love doing that!

Meet Pijar.. :)

Pancious' Choco Berry Pancake + Waffle, Fruit Cocktail, Smoke Beef Spaghetti.

On friday, i finally had a time to cut my 'Singo Edan' hair. FYI, i have a curly and dry hair. Which looks so thick if i don't get a haircut for 2/3 months. I love the haircut, one thing i didn't like is the way the hairdresser looked at my hair, seemed like my hair is way too disgusting for her. Sigh. For all hairdressers out there, please don't make your customers disappointed just because you laugh at his/her and you talk to other hairdresser about the ugliness of your customer's hair. It's gross you know.

So on that day i feel a bit disappointed but thanked God i had good time with the girls. Lunch at Sushi Tei and did some retail therapy. Yes nothing beats the excitement of girls day out! :)

Ica, Pijar, and Me.

Sushi Tei's Ebi Tempura Maki

 Outfit on Friday

P.S: I'm sorry for the lack of words on this post. When i write this post, i'm in a hurry because i've to attend a course this afternoon. I promise i'll make it happen to write more words on my next post. Just wait! Thanks a lot pals!

 ● WIENA ●


JoewardM said...

wow! delicious food you got there. :]

joninel said...

i really like your blog header :D lucu bgt :D hehe

michelle_ said...

nice bracelets !

black n white ladies said...

cute aceesories...hehe
thanks for the sweet comment dear...

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

looks so delicious

F i K a said...

spending time with the girls is always fun!! :)

I like the cardi that you wore on friday :)

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