Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Was It Real Or Not?

Another time with my old friends! Aye! I just love meet my old friends in present. Old friends always give me new stories and experiences when we finally meet after quite long time didn't meet. Makes me surprise with their new appearance, some people did a good job with their changes. But i have to admit that there are also few old friends that (i'm sorry) failed in making any changes. Hahaha. But well don't mind it. I still love you my old friends... Kiss. :*

So on that day i went to Grand Indonesia with Ica and Pijar (again), watched Inception and had some lunch together. But the pleasure wasn't stop there. After that, i met my neighbors (Cynthia, Nona, and Noni) and went to TIS Square, had sushi for dinner and spent the night with talked and shared about how our life have been gone so far. Unfortunately i don't have any photos when we were in TIS Square because we used Noni's camera to took photos. All i can do now is share some photos when i was in Grand Indo then. Enjoy. :)

By the way, talking about Inception, it really was a nice movie for me. The movie has successfully forced me to think harder to decide whether the scenes are shown in movie was dream or not. Oh and don't you know what? After watched the movie, i googled few articles about dream and found a fact that actually we could set our dreams if we want by writing it in words in a diary. Other fact, if we want to remember our dream, we can just say 'i will remember my dreams' and voila! you can remember the dreams that you were dreamed at the previous night. So yeah, i'm one of the victim. I tried it and succeeded. Hahaha. Oh geez. I couldn't believe it i have been influenced so deep by that movie.

Until now, I still curious about the dream world itself. Are we really can indulge ourselves so deep in a dream? If it's true, apparently dream is becoming a scary thing nowadays. The difficulties in deciding if it's real or not make me feel a bit worried to dream. But hey, it's just a movie Wiena! Don't believe it too deep. Oh well, oh well, i think i have to stop talking about the movie from now on. Hehehe.

Oh! I forgot about something. So passionate talking about the movie and i forgot to ask about how's your life so far, pals? Hope you're doing fine. :) I still continuing my holiday in Jakarta and just got back from Bandung, attended a wedding ceremony of my sister-in-law-to-be. Hahaha. Did i mention it right? Yeah so Paunchy Monster's sister get married last weekend and finally i've got a chance to meet my Paunchy Monster. Sadly, there were no time or chance to explore Bandung a lot because i've got to back to Jakarta right after attended the wedding reception. A bit disappointed but at least i feel so much relieve that i could finally met my boyfie. Hehehe. Well, i think enough for this time. I gotta go because my friend will pick me up in a minute. So i have to dress up and make up! ;)

See you later dear kind-hearted pals! May you have a fabulous day! :)

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you together is reality"
-John Lennon-

 ● WIENA ●


rina drmgne said...

wow,cute shawl!
nice blog,too.. :)
please follow my blog if you like it! ;D

rina drmgne said...

hey, darla. I'v been following you, too!
keep in touch,

JoewardM said...

cute jacket. :]

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

cute pictures :)

Ctoonz said...

love the first picture! its amazing! :D

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