Sunday, October 17, 2010

Light of My Life

This post is dedicated to my beloved mom who was having a birthday on October 15th. Happy birthday, Ibu. Sorry for being fashionably late to post this post. It won't reduce my love for you. Thanks for being the best mother for me. I love you like a lot. Even words can't describe it.


7 reasons that make me proud of my mommy:

1. The Real Survivor
When she was a kid, she said that she was unfortunately under a poverty condition. She used to wake up in early morning (really early for sure) and got to help her mother (my granny) to sell some foods to market near their house. After that, she went home and prepared herself because she got to go to school at 7. Phew. That's why she always warns me to not to be too consumptive because you don't know what will happen tomorrow. (although i often break than obey it. :p)

2. Being Able To Do Mostly Job
Besides doing what house wife usually does, my mom is also being able to do some jobs that well-known as a man's job such as cutting grass, cleaning the fish pond, and fixing the tile. Hahaha. What a tough woman she is! Even i never ever imagine to do some tasks like that. ;0
3. Bestfriend in Any Condition
Happy or sad, up or down, my mother will be there listen to my whole story no matter what happen. She accepts it all unconditionally. Although sometimes she gives me some surprising advices, but i'm thankful because not many people are as lucky as i am who could be a best friend with her own mom.

4. She Has A Good Fashion Sense
Every women on earth definitely love shopping. So does my mom. Retail therapy is her hobby and she has a good fashion sense. She often shops good fabric and fabulous bag. And i'm thankful (once again) because i can borrow her stuffs without buying it first at store. Hihihi.

5. Good at Cooking
Well, i know that almost all mothers are really good at cooking. But, i dare you to taste her home-made spaghetti and ice cream.. I guarantee you will like it and ask for another portions! :)

6. Ready to Help Anytime
Sometimes life could be sucks especially when you meet someone who's irritating enough for you. My mother experienced it in many times. Like when she gotta deal with some irritating neighbors because of their uneducated mouths. But surprisingly, my mom never really really mad at them. She always there, ready to help everyone who needs it. No matter what they've already done to my mom. Oh mom, you're such a lovable person!

7. She Has A Good Sense of Humor Too
She loves to make some joke and telling it to her children. Laughing and smiling is her hobby too.. Even she could laughing at some unimportant joke for 30 minutes non-stop! That's also count as a reason why i have to be proud with my mommy, aite? ;)
Oh well, maybe i could spend 24 hours or more sitting in front of my laptop and writing about bunch of reasons why i have to be proud with my mommy. But i know it would be such a lame post to read. So how are you, pals? What's going on with you lately? Tell me! :)



Diva Putri said...

dear, i like the way you edited your photos! cool! :)
i've followed you dear, follow me back please :D


SMASH said...

This was so cute, I need to give my mom a hug right now :)


ABIGAIL NY said...

love the outfit and moms are the best! Amazing or horrible they make us who we are today.

michelle_ said...

this is a really sweet post :)
your mom seems like a really great and important person in your life !

Zarna said...

happy bday to your mom!!


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