Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slowly Blowing Wind

My boyfie's sister has just getting married. New step in her life that need a little celebration. For me, it's indeed an important thing  to do (the celebration) because it's one way to show that we're very grateful of God's gift by sharing bunches happiness with others (the guests). Ain't it true, pals? Who's with me? :)

Well, it was a quite unique wedding if i could say. The place taken at Kebon Raja, Ungaran (approx 30 minutes from Semarang) which filled by few unique things in it. Have you ever found red telephone booth (just like in Superman movie) at a wedding party, pals? Well, you could certainly find it here! Cool, aite? Unfortunately, i've got no chance to snap it. Sorry, pals! :p

I picked that white dress simply because i didn't want to go along the party with too much ornaments. The dress is indeed simple, i admit. So i combined it with black vintage sling bag, tights, and wedges. The dress i bought somewhere in Mangga Dua, Jakarta.  Honestly, i didn't really like it at the first time. But my mom suggested me to buy it because of its flowery accent and that drapery ribbon belt. Well, her wish is my command! Moreover i actually need some simple dresses for some formal occasions at that time. So, i decided to brought it home! :D

silly boyfie is all around.

Me and my boyfie were impressed with the backyard. So, we've decided to snap some photos. Fortunately, the weather was friendly at that time. The sun wasn't too hot and the wind was slowly blowing so we didn't have to rush....

1. My beloved country Indonesia is now real sad because of natural disasters that happened in several area. I pray for all Indonesian people. May God always protect our family, our friends, our relatives, our beloved mother earth. #prayforindonesia
2. My deepest condolences to all victims who died in volcano eruption of Mount Merapi, tsunami attack in Mentawai Island, and flood of Jakarta. May God bless you all and send you to heaven. Amien.
3. Thanks for all sweetest comments of my previous post about my mom. You're all splendid and i'm so flattered because of it. Thanks once again dear fabulous pals! You really know how to make me smile! :)
4. I simply can not wait for October 28th. Hope it will such a blast day to remember! :)

Hope the wind will never stop blowing bunch of happiness to us. Happy Wednesday, pals! Hugs and Smooches! :)



Hope Adela said...

that dress is so pretty! i love the floral broaches too! =)

Z--- said...

good bag!xx

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