Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sort of Happy and Afraid at the Same Time

So, i'm officially being 21 years old on October 28th. Happy and afraid at the same time. Happy because knowing that i'm still surrounded by hundred lovely people who had kindly giving their time and send me birthday greetings, typed sweet words to me, shook me in the hand, gave me lovely gifts. Couldn't say any other words except sending billion thanks and digital hugs to you all, dear gorgeous mates! :)

Then why i need to be afraid when happiness ensures itself to stay beside me? Well, it's simply because i'm afraid of the responsibilities that come with the age 21. No more play with my college life, gotta be serious and graduate just in time. No longer be able to be childish because, yeah.. you know. So much things that need to be afraid of. And it's slowly but sure distracts my mind. Oh dear universe, i kinda need help now.

Last thing to tell, i can't stay any longer because of the holy internship report that has to be done as soon as possible. Sorry, pals. May good things won't go around from you! Hugs and smooches from me..

P.S: Al photos were taken when i took a walk, had nice lunch, and shopped with my college mate.



Zarna said...

happy belated birthday!!!


Fatima said...

beautiful pictures!


Diva Putri said...

lovely leggings dear :)
is that the pictures that you took in Paragon? hehe
Hope we'll meet sometimes :)


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