Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I Like

  • Pink, Magenta, and Fuschia.
  • Got someone scratch my back before I sleep.
  • A kiss on the eyelid.
  • Watching korean drama & variety show till the sun comes through my window.
  • Cropped cardigan, flowery skirt, wedges, bangles, and vintage ring.
  • Munching and sipping something new for my tounge, I also take a pict of it before I swallow them.
  • Hedgehog, giraffe, and butterfly.
  • Paper robots.
  • Reading thoughtful words and motivation sentences.
  • Starring at my notebook screen and daydreaming.
  • Listening to same songs on my iPod repeatedly.
  • Matcha ice cream.
  • Blogging and googling.
  • Artwork & photography.
  • Jakarta's traffic. It makes me realized that I'm home.
  • Hugging my boyfriend. Especially his fat belly.
  • Sitting in a car under the raindrops.
  • Hijacking my brother's gadgets.
  • Japanese food, western food, chinese food, traditional food. I love eating!
  • Touching my face, my nose, my lips. I do it all the times and then acne comes and I fucking keep doing it.
  • Discussing favorite topics with capable ones.
  • Crawling under thick blanket. In other words, i love sleeping.
  • Sharing random facts.
  • Sambal.
  • Carousel and roller coaster.
  • Romantic comedy movies.
  • Architecture & design interior websites.
  • Wasting my time on social medias.
  • Sharing a same bed with beloved mamskie and continues with gossip till we fall asleep.
  • Travelling.
  • Subscribing unique channels on youtube.
  • Current interests: advertising and international relations.
  • Arranging and managing stuffs in my room
  • Orange sky on evening.
  • Doing weird poses. Saying weird words.
  • Eyeliner & aquamarine red lipstick.
  • Tropical house.
  • Bicycling around granny's neighborhood in Solo, West Java.
  • Instant noodles.
I wrote those things simply because I want to know myself better than before. FYI, I haven't done writing yet and will continue soon. Wait up! :)

1 comment:

Ima said...

Wow we have so many things in common. At first I wanted to tell you those things you wrote here that I also like, but then I realized it would take too long to write haha

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