Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of my childhood photo with my not-so-little brother-anymore, Ilham. It was taken on my birthday party, 19 years ago. That was the time when I used to see the world much simpler than I do now. That was the time when I used to think that life only contains happiness feeling. When I was in elementary school, I still remember that I used to pray a lot to God, hoping to be an adult real soon. And when the time has come, I also can't believe that I feel a lil bit regret and want to go back to my childhood again. What a life!

Anyway, I've been visiting regularly since two months ago and just realized how useful it is. For you who have account, don't hesitate making friends with me. Visit me at seswiena and let's share some music recommendation. :)

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Ima said...

I think we're on the same page. I really really miss my childhood. But I guess that does happen to (almost) everybody so...
Idk why but I can't open your page. Do you know 8tracks? Lately I've been using it much more than, thought you might like it too :)

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