Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flowery Day

Grateful. It's what i feel today. No matter how hard the day i had go through. Still, everyday seems like a holiday for me. Nothing beats the fact that you enjoy your own day, right? Although a thing so called deadline is still haunting me, but i can't believe i don't have Mr. Migraine in my head. It feels like i'm lying in a garden. Surrounded by so many beautiful flowers. The earth also give its best performance: nice weather, blue sky, and cool breeze. Such a bliss. I wish it'll be last for a long period. Can we just say Aamiin and Alhamdulillah? :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Don't Do Drugs. They Are My Drugs.

So many things to do, so little time, can't decide which one to be the top of priority, and lack of consistency: that's so me. According to the statement before, yes, i definitely out of my mind why i still cannot be concentrated on a thing that should be done first-- early-- and very soon. Dear God, i beg for Your mercy. And truthfully, i'm having those oh-i'm-so-fucking-stress syndrome every day. Getting worst day by day. Thank God i still got my drugs. Thank God i have these partners in my life. Thank God i'm still having my smile right on my face just because of them. I introduce you to them:

1. My Mom

 2. My childhood mates: Cynthia, Nona, Niya

 3. This cute little angel named Kayla

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Baby

I always bring that old camera everywhere i go, just in case i found an unique object or fancy moment to capture. That camera isn't a lomo. It's just only an old camera that my mom bought when my brother was born aprroximately 20 years ago. It's indeed a surprise when i knew that camera's still well-function. When lomo's getting more and more popular, i admit that i wanted to have one. But then i accidentally found this camera. I checked it first and then came the idea of using this camera again, so i put my first roll in it, and voila! The journey of me and this baby started. On my previous posts, i've already put some images produced by this baby. And now, 3 rolls are being processed and i absolutely cannot wait to see the result and post it here. By the way, tomorrow i'll be back again to Semarang. So hard to leave Jakarta for sure, yet i have to go back in order to work on my final assignment and graduate soon. Well, i got to go. I'll catch you up soon dearest pals! Stay fine, stay fresh, stay fierce!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Just Neglect The Negative Thoughts

None of us could successfully erase negative thoughts from our mind. They're always there. Just like a virus, they sometimes come with large heaps of troops. Ready to control us and they often steal our energy, making our time wasted because of it.

I trapped again. In my own thought. A negative one. I sometimes think about some negative thing that actually won't happen. It got me exhausted. Both physically and mentally. Don't you think it would be nice if someday the only concept that does exist only 'heaven on earth' concept?

It's a new month. And i think it'll be nice if i could walk through this month without having any negative thoughts inside my brain. I know it sounds impossible. But it's worth trying, right? Since it will give me so may advantages, i'll try to do it. And i ask you to come with me. Because our mother earth is already fed-up with our bad attitude, our uneducated mouth, our dirty brain. Would you mind join me? Let's just neglect the negative thoughts, pals.. :)

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